"So, you 'lokes gonna hand over me energy disk, or is me crew gonna hand you a face full of plasma?"

Black Hole Joe is a shady gangster in the episode "Wanted!" He contracts the Grargon Gang to get a Boom Cart for him.

Black Hole Joe

History Edit

Da Boom Crew meets Black Hole Joe while impersonating the Grargon Gang. He demands that they get the Boom Cart for him and takes their ship keys for "safekeeping". Joe realizes the trick, though, and attempts to makes off with the ship and the Boom Cart with the real Grargon Gang. However, Da Boom Crew, with help from a bounty hunter, manage to stop him. He only gets away with stealing Nate's lunch.

Personality Edit

Black Hole Joe is ruthless, greedy, and not above anything to get his way. He doesn't like being tricked and manages to slip away from authorities every time he's confronted.

Appearance Edit

Black Hole Joe is a blue slug-like monster. He wears a typical mob boss outfit: a black suit and vest, white button-up shirt, red tie, and black fedora with a red stripe and white feather along the rim,underneath his long tail he has black shoes.