Blurp: *lightly tapping Blazz's arm* "So, what does it feel like to be the youngest recruit ever to graduate from the Academy?"

Blazz: *shoving Blurp off the stage* "It feels like I'm the hottest hot-shot pilot the Yo-Diggian Space Patrol has ever seen!"

Blazzander Yodiggity III (aka, Blazz) is Commander Blurp's brother and former pilot of the Yo-Diggian Space Patrol. He now works for Zorch under the alias The Crimson Raider.


History Edit

See also: The Crimson Raider

Blazz was the youngest graduate from the Yo-Diggian Space Patrol Academy. Despite being an extremely talented pilot, he was grounded by Air Control, afraid that he would jeopardize a mission to destroy Zorch's West Fleet. Enraged, he goes off to destroy the fleet himself, which almost succeeds with. However, he never returns from the mission. He's presumed dead and shot down by the mysterious Crimson Raider.

Personality Edit

Blazz is ambitious, egotistical, hot-headed, and cocky. He's extremely short-tempered and prefers to work by himself. This is eventually leads him to go attack the West Fleet on his own and switch sides to work for Zorch. Despite always being known as the superior sibling, he does care greatly for this brother. He continually wears a ring given to him by Blurp at his graduation, even after becoming the Crimson Raider.

Appearance Edit

Like Blurp, Blazz has orange skin, horns, and a tail. He wears a Yo-Diggian Space Patrol uniform, which consists of a brown and gold jacket, grey belt, green pants, and green boots. He wears a gold ring with a green gem on one of his hands, which was a graduation present from Blurp.