Blurp: "Let me see if I've got this right: you're from a planet called 'Earth', and you made a homemade 'video game', that went 'Boom'."

Justin: "That's why they call us 'Da Boom Crew'."

Blurp: "...Uh-huh."

Commander Blurp Yodiggity is a recurring character and a friend of Da Boom Crew. He's a commander in the Yo-Diggian Space Patrol and brother of Blazz, aka The Crimson Raider.

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History Edit

Blurp, though always convinced he's a great leader, constantly loses battles against Zorch's forces. After losing one battle, he was exiled on a planet for thousands of years. He meets Da Boom Crew in "Dropping Da Bomb", wherein they help him conquer some of his worst fears and he finally triumphs in the end. In "Wanted!", he contacts the team to tell them about Black Hole Joe and a missing Boom Cart. He also mentions that he suffers from ADD (Alien Disastrous Discombobulation). In "The Crimson Raider", he joins the team to investigate a Boom Cart on an aquatic planet when they come across the Crimson Raider. Blurp wants to exact revenge on him for supposedly killing his brother, Blazz. However, it's revealed that Blazz is the Crimson Raider after Blurp finds a ring he gave Blazz in one of the Crimson Raider's gloves.

Personality Edit

Of all the characters in Da Boom Crew, Blurp gets the most development. At first, he's depicted as a stereotypical cowardly Frenchman, terrified of everything though insisting he's a mighty Commander. However, with help from Jubei, he was able to overcome some of his fears and save his new friends. He continually becomes braver with each encounter with Da Boom Crew. He also follows an honor system that he practiced throughout his training, which was shown while both fighting and attempting to save the Crimson Raider. He also loved his brother, Blazz, though he often got jealous at Blazz's accomplishments and partially thinks Blazz's "death" was his fault.

Appearance Edit

Like Blazz, Blurp has orange skin, horns, and a tail. He wears bright blue shoulder pads, pants, and boots. It's not clear whether this is a personal style choice or if it's an official uniform of the Yo-Diggian Space Patrol.