Dent is an interactive robot that was been given to Ricki as a gift for saving Commander Blurp by the Yo-Diggians.


History Edit

Dent was given as one of the gifts to Da Boom Crew for saving one of their commanding officers. His main function is as a tool box, as he can carry around and store objects within his metal body. He also often guards the ship while the others are away on a mission, and has more than once helped save the day from the villains of the day.

Personality Edit

Dent doesn't speak, but he can emote on his computer monitor face. He's very loyal to the team, in particular Ricki, and seems to be on good terms with everyone.

Appearance Edit

Dent is a small, grey robot with two wheels and tan expendable arms and neck. The computer monitor that makes up his head of contains a green doodle of a face, which is how he emotes. His body is cylindrical and contains many tools at hand.