"Oh, but that's right: I'm not welcome anymore. Now, what was it that Zorch said again? 'You're too unstable, Namdra.' 'You're a madman, Namdra.' 'You're banished for eternity, Namdra!'"

Dr. Namdra was a mad scientist villain in the episode "Boom vs Doom". He was formerly a scientist who worked with Zorch, but was fired due to his mental instability.

Dr. Namdra

History Edit

Dr. Namdra originally worked with Zorch to take over the galaxy. However, he was fired after proving to be a madman and banished from Zorch's fortress. Enraged, he decided to start building his own army to go after Boom Carts, which is why he kidnapped Dent when he first met Da Boom Crew. To get rid of the remaining team and test some new inventions of his, he placed Justin, Nate, Jubei, and Ricki in a simulation of their worst fears. However, they manage to escape, freeing Dent and escaping just before the ship self destructs.

Personality Edit

It's not stated why Dr. Namdra went crazy under Zorch's command, though now his rage fuels his insanity. It leads him to be extremely votile, often shouting at things that annoy him. He's a brilliant scientist and engineer, able to create robots, simulation rooms, and a fighting Mech, among other things.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Namdra has blue-ish/grey-ish skin, with a huge white circle in the middle of his forehead and dark green hair in dreadlocks. His eyes seem to be a very dull hazel. He wears a red and purple robe with a huge red collar and very broad shoulders. Like Ricki, his main weapons are his inventions, in particular a fighting Mech with a huge attachable canon.