"I must say, that whole zipline thing? Genius. You kids made climbing up the tower, past the dragon, and finding the energy disk so much easier! Thanks! Now, hand it over."

Etra is a shapeshifting villain in "Statue of Major Limitations". She's apart of Zorch's army and older sister of Headlock.


History Edit

Not much is known about Etra's backstory, other than joining Zorch and being Headlock's sister. When she first meets Da Boom Crew, she transforms into a little girl and attempts to trick Da Boom Crew into giving her a Boom Cart. However, Ricki is able to pick up on this and reveals her true nature to the others. She attempts to destroy the team through the giant robotic guardian of the planet, but Justin, Ricki, and Jubei manage to tie up the robot's feat. She rides away on her pet, Baby Doll, swearing revenge on Da Boom Crew. In "The Legendary Meemazaza", she manages to form an alliance with Headlock and his assistant, Jerome, to take down Da Boom Crew once and for all. Etra impersonates her old master, Meema, in an attempt to steal away a Boom Cart she has, though is defeated by Meema in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality Edit

Etra is a trickster, which suits her shapeshifting abilities. Her attempts to take down the team are far more subtle than her brother's, as she favors manipulation and lies above physical combat, though they end just as poorly. Her intelligence makes up for her lack of physical prowess, as she more heavily relies on it and Baby Doll to take down her enemies. She likes laughing frequently.

Appearance Edit

Like Headlock, Etra has lavender skin and purple hair that sticks up. Her eyes are a dull blue and her white teeth are accented in her default near gumless smile. She wears a long purple dress, a small navy cape with a tear near one corner, and a smaller black dress that reaches her mid-thigh. She also has a gold locket with a picture of Headlock inside, though she's never shown wearing it.