Headlock is one of the main antagonists and subservient to Zorch. Though he works for Zorch, he and his assistant Jerome plan on stealing Zorch's Boom Carts and ruling the galaxy themselves. He is Etra's little brother.


History Edit

Sometime in his past after Dr.Namdra was exiled he was recruited to Zorch's army as a new scientist.Headlock, for one reason or another, is on probation by Zorch. He attempts to make nice with Zorch by collecting the Boom Carts, though rarely succeeds. In "Dropping Da Bomb", he mentions how he's planning on betraying Zorch to his assistant Jerome and taking the galaxy for himself. However, that attempt to get the Boom Cart was foiled thanks to Da Boom Crew. In "Statue of Major Limitations", his older sister, Etra, is tasked by Zorch to get a Boom Cart instead of her brother. However, like Headlock, the attempt is unsuccessful. In "Baby Boom", Headlock captures aliens to mine for the Zatarax, which is a huge monster that will help Zorch conquer the galaxy. He manages to capture Da Boom Crew and takes particular delight in shocking them via a shock collar. However, when he unleashes the power of a Boom Cart in front of a sleeping Zatarax, which wakes up and begins attacking. He and Jerome get away with the Boom Cart while Da Boom Crew save the monsters from the collapsing mine and reunite a family. In "The Legendary Meemazaza", Headlock and Etra attempt to destroy Da Boom Crew, but they're foiled by Meema and her soup's living ingredients.

Personality Edit

Headlock is egotistical and loves being evil. He's often described as obnoxious and seems to have some Napoleon complex. He's very insecure when it comes to his own appearance, as his helmet serves to expand his head.

Appearance Edit

Like Etra, Headlock has lavender skin and purple hair. His eyes are frequently shown to be pink. He usually wears a helmet on his head to make his head seem bigger than it actually is. Along with the dome, he wears a purple cape, purple gloves, white shirt, maroon parachute pants, and purple boots. He has a thin black mustache.