"As Ricki always says, 'Don't mess with the red wire, unless you wanna fire!'"

Jubei is a member of Da Boom Crew. He serves as the main combatant of the team and a sharpshooter. He is between twelve to fourteen years old.


History Edit

Like the other members of Da Boom Crew, Jubei grew up in an orphanage. He had a hand in creating the video game and eventually was sucked into it during the Big Boom. In "Boom vs Doom", he single-handily reprogrammed an Arachnobot using some techniques he learned from Ricki.

Personality Edit

Jubei is a very laid back and calm person. He very rarely gets frustrated or angry at his teammates. He speaks in a very surfer-like manner, which he dabbles in along with skateboarding.

Appearance Edit

Jubei is Japanese, with his light brown hair kept in a teal visor. He's physically the biggest character on the team, though it doesn't detract from his agility. He wears a teal shirt, white undershirt, purple Hawaiian shorts, and black sneakers. He's also often depicted with a hoverboard given to him by the Yo-Diggians. Like Justin, his main weapon is a laser gun