"'Him'? [Laughs] Ain't nobody seen 'him'. 'Cause you starin' at her!"

Meemazaza (aka, Meema) is a former teacher of Commander Blurp and Etra who lives on planet Agrarian with her dog Scrubs. She specialized in teaching the three fighting disciplines of Teamwork, Courage, and Agility, though she retired long ago.


History Edit

Meema meets Da Boom Crew when they ask for where a Boom Cart she has is. She says that she'll give them the Cart after they finish completing some chores for her. However, while they're out completing the final chore, Etra, Headlock, and Jerome kidnap her. Etra takes her appearance and attempts to make off with the Boom Cart, but they're stopped by Da Boom Crew. Meema manages to defeat her former student in hand-to-hand combat and scares away Headlock and Jerome with help from her soup and Dent. She agrees to train Da Boom Crew properly at the end of the episode.

Personality Edit

Meema is a feisty old woman who's fully capable of handling herself. She was a very strict teacher, though it helped build character in her students. She takes no disrespect and will crush you in a fight.

Appearance Edit

Meema is a small, blue alien with three fingers and toes and a purple beak. Her hair is white and held back in a ponytail, her eyebrows are white and bushy, and her eyes are a dull teal. She wears a long white dress and grey robe. She has one gold hoop earring in one ear and walks around with a cane that turns into a double-edged light sword. Despite her small stature, she's extremely powerful, able to take down Etra (someone who is twice her size) with ease during a physical confrontation.