"Tony Hawk it later, homie!"

Nate is one of the members of Da Boom Crew and Justin's younger brother. He serves as the pilot of their spaceship and is between 11-12 years old, because he is the shortest and youngest of the team.

History Edit

Like the other members of Da Boom Crew, Nate grew up in an orphanage. He had a hand in creating the video game and eventually was sucked into it during the Big Boom.Beginning with the pilot episode he and his team first meet Blurp and were rewarded a new spaceship which his brother allowed him to drive for the rest of the series. In "Statue of Major Limitations", it's revealed he has a fear of heights.

Personality Edit

Despite being one of the youngest members of Da Boom Crew, he's the first one to head into a fight. However, because of this brashness, he's often the one who ends up in peril. He's also the most exited to be in space and fighting monsters. He looks up to Justin a lot, and when he's panicking about something, he often thinks about what his brother would do to calm down. Also, he acts like a scaredy cat in most episodes, because of his fear of heights and everything else he is afraid of.

Appearance Edit

Like Justin, he has light brown skin and dark brown hair shaved down to his head. He wears a light blue t-shirt with a white undershirt poking out underneath it, blue jeans, and blue sneakers. On his back, he wears a green backpack for unknown reasons. His main weapon is a light sword, given to him by the Yo-Diggians after helping to save their planet. He's the shortest character of the team.