"Sorry, gang! That energy disk is coming with me."

The Crimson Raider is a hotshot assassin under the command of Zorch. It's revealed at the ending of his debut episode that he is Blazz, Commander Blurp's older brother.

The Crimson Raider

History Edit

See also: Blazz

After charging into battle with Zorch's armada and destroying almost all of them, Zorch recruited Blazz. Blazz changed his name to the Crimson Raider and became Zorch's most notorious assassin. He comes across the team and his brother on an aquatic planet in pursuit of a Boom Cart. During one of their encounters, he saves Blurp's life from a giant eel. By the time the Boom Cart is retrieved, the giant fish they were on began to shrink beneath them. Though Blurp offers help in debt to saving his life, the Crimson Raider refuses, and loses his glove and ring during everyone's escape.

Personality Edit

The Crimson Raider is headstrong and cocky, much like he was as Blazz. However, despite his ruthless reputation, he still cares for his brother, Blurp.

Appearance Edit

As his namesake would suggest, the Crimson Raider wears an almost exclusively red outfit, with a red shirt, cape, pants, and mask. To further conceal his identity, he wears purple gloves with green stripes, a purple belt, and purple boots. His eyes are behind neon green eye-slits in his mask. Under one of his gloves is a gold ring with a green jewel, given to him by Blurp after his graduation from the Space Patrol Academy. Like Nate, his main weapon in hand-to-hand combat is a light sword created by the Yo-Diggians, though it's tinted red instead of white.