"What do you mean, 'other Grargons'?"

The Grargon Gang are four criminals who bare a striking resemblance to Da Boom Crew.

The Grargon Gang

History Edit

The Grargon Gang stole a Boom Cart from the Yo-Diggians to complete a mission assigned to them by Black Hole Joe. However, Da Boom Crew assumes their identities to get to Black Hole Joe. Enraged at this, they attack the team, though a bounty hunter mistaking Da Boom Crew for the Grargon Gang captures them. Before they can get away with Black Hole Joe in Da Boom Crew's ship, they're intercepted by the bounty hunter and captured.

Personalities Edit

Each member of the Grargon Gang is rude, tough, and demanding. There seems to be no deviation from one member to another.

Appearances Edit

Every member of the Grargon Gang has puke green skin and yellow eyes. The color scheme for each member is either purple, blue, or black. The individual members share a striking resemblance to one member of Da Boom Crew, with a few stylistic changes. The Justin look-alike has an earring in one of his ears and wears black gloves. The Nate look-alike wears a blue beanie and has a sharper blue light sword as a weapon. The Ricki look-alike chews gum and differs most from her in the outfit, wearing a purple scarf, purple long-sleeved shirt, black gloves, lavender tights, and black boots. The Jubei look-alike wears a similar outfit to the Ricki look-alike but is shaded blue and wears no visor cap.