"Calm down, my darlings; we will deal with the intruders."

The Order of Freudius are a cult designated to maintain the Pacifican King Freudius' Eternal Flame in "Ice Ice Planet". They also protect the Pacificans.

Order of Freudius

History Edit

Created either during or after the rule of King Freudius, the Order of Freudius was charged with protecting the Eternal Flame that keeps the Pacificans alive. They meet our heroes while they try to fix the dome they accidentally destroyed. They end up teaming up and fixing the dome together.In "Hour of the Eclipse:Part one, a member of the order reappears at an intergalatic meeting at Planet Yodiggity.

Operation Edit

The Order of Freudius is most similar to that of a nunnery, as indicated with both their outfits and how they both operate under a Mother Superior. Their mission is to preserve the King Freudius' greatest legacy, the Eternal Flame, and keep the Pacificans alive. They live in a far-off temple guarded by twin statues and monstrous guard dogs.

Appearances Edit

The members of the Order of Freudius resemble penguins, with long black and white robes covering the majority of their bodies. They have blue beaks with an orange tip, though that's the most we see of their faces, as the rest of it is hidden under their robe hoods. Their hands have four fingers, each with a black claw at the end.