"Ah, relax, brah, we don't fight. We like to keep it mellow!"

The Pacificans are an alien species that appear in "Ice Ice Planet". They meet Justin, Nate, Ricki, and Jubei after their ship accidentally crashes into their dome-like home.


History Edit

At an unspecified point in time, King Freudius created Pacifica, a tropical oasis in the middle of an ice planet. If the temperature inside the dome gets too cold, the Pacificans will grow sick and die. However, if it gets too hot, they will turn into violent dinosaur-like beings and the dome will explode. In order to keep the temperature maintained, Freudius left behind an Eternal Green Flame both inside the dome and in a temple for the Order of Freudius to protect. However, when our heroes accidentally crash into the dome and are unable to obtain the Eternal Flame, they use a Boom Cart as a substitute. This ends up changing the temperature too quickly, which results into turning the Pacificans into the aforementioned dinosaurs. Luckily, they're saved by the team and the Order of Freudius and everything returns to normal.

Culture Edit

The Pacificans are unique in their biology, needing a constant temperature to stay alive. Only the Order of Freudius seems to be aware of this, though, while the Pacificans lead quiet, peaceful lives. They worship King Freudius as an idol and believe the Eternal Frame to be sacred. They seem perfectly content with their home of Pacifica, not being ones to provoke fights or otherwise.

Appearances Edit

The Pacificans all have huge heads, skinny necks, and relatively thin bodies. Most Pacificans are light or dark brown, but a few have dark red or purple skin. They dress in outfits made of grass that vary from person to person. A few are seen to wear Rastafarian tam hats, as the culture is characterized with Jamaican stereotypes.