"Hello? [Static] I'm not sure how I ended up here!"

Tommy is a minor character in "Boo!" He used to know Da Boom Crew and played their game multiple times, though always died before getting a high score. Zorch used this as an advantage and tricked the team into going on a strange planet via a distress call, eventually raising his multiple dead characters as zombies. Though they were defeated by the team, one did manage to temporarily turn Justin into a zombie, though the effects were quickly reversed.


History Edit

Tommy seemed to be friends with Ricki, Justin, Nate, and Jubei before the Big Boom and a fellow orphan. Nate mentions at one point that Rickie may have had a crush on him, though Rickie denies it.

Personality Edit

Tommy is a stereotypical nerd character, being both very timid and cowardly. He's also pretty bad at video games, given he kept dying while trying to beat the high score of Da Boom Crew's game.

Appearance Edit

Tommy is a pale, green-eyed kid with a head retainer and glasses. His hair is orange and sticks up like grass. He wears a white polo shirt, brown pants, and dark blue sneakers. During his zombification, his eyes turn red and his skin becomes grey. Jubei also mentions if he forgot to use his acne cream, meaning he could have chronic acne.