Zorch is the main antagonist in the show. He has several minions and usually remains in the background.


History Edit

It's unclear exactly how Zorch was able to gain so much power, but by the beginning of the show, he had a whole tyrannical empire under his command. His one goal is to vanquish the light of the entire galaxy, and to do this, he need all of the Boom Carts. However, Da Boom Crew continually takes the disks away from him, making their elimination a top priority. In "Boo!", he raises multiple dead Tommys tries to persuade the team into "going back home", but he's eventually thwarted by Justin in a zombified state.

Personality Edit

Zorch is very menacing and relentless. He works mostly within the background, often letting his minions do his dirty work, but when he does take command of a mission, he will see it through to completion.

Appearance Edit

Zorch is extremely tall, with dark green skin and red eyes. He wears a very horn-themed outfit, with a blue gem near the center of his chest, dark green gloves, a dark green cape, and a green robe. He carries no weapons, but instead has force powers